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Verdia jewelry is unified by a feminine botanical aesthetic. Founder Kristen Briggs was researching her family history and found notebooks kept by a distant English relation, Frederick Edward Hulme, a botanical painter. Drawing inspiration from Hulme’s artwork, as well as the increasing popularity of collecting houseplants, this line takes a unique path toward unifying past and present by incorporating various beautiful renderings of plants into each gorgeously crafted piece. The line’s name recalls the Latin roots of “green” and “day”, as well as echoes of the color viridian: it’s here to add some green to your day. 

In keeping with the line’s preoccupation with the natural world, Verdia strives to be as eco-conscious as possible, as well: just another way it stays “green”. All metals are recycled, as are all packaging and mailing materials, and office operations are carbon-offset. 

The pieces are cast in sterling silver at American vermeil thickness, plated in 24 karat gold: exclusively using precious metals to guarantee their lasting quality and value. (Yes, these pieces are all pool- and shower-safe.) Cast-in-place garnets, sapphires are incorporated, as well. Verdia is an offering of beauty, from my hands to yours.

Kristen Briggs is the founder and lead metalsmith of Verdia Jewelry and Lotus Stone Jewelry. She is a self-taught jeweler, who credits her education to the line of jewelers in her family (hi, Mom! hi, Grandma!). Her vision of beauty always includes an element of natural, botanical forms, especially if it can be made sustainably. Kristen lives in Phoenix with her husband and two kids. She is a plant nerd that is as happy with her houseplants as she is befriending cacti on hikes. Delighted by dad jokes and puns, the nerdier the better. 

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