Kristen Briggs, creator of Lotus Stone Jewelry, is pleased to announce the launch of her newest line: Verdia.

Verdia is a new exclusive set of fine art designs unified by a botanical aesthetic. Inspiration for Verdia came from Briggs’ family history and the spectacular books of detailed botanical illustrations authored by an English relative, Frederick Edward Hulme. Drawing inspiration from Hulme’s artwork, as well as social media “plantstagram” trends, this newest jewelry line takes the unique path of unifying past and present by synthesizing those beautiful renderings of flora into each of the handcrafted pieces. The line’s name incorporates the Latin roots of “day” and “green” and includes and a playful nod to the color viridian. Its goal is to add botanical lushness and naturalistic authenticity to your everyday look, revealing the wearer’s innate beauty through a connection to nature.

Verdia pieces are cast in sterling silver, and as a gold option, are plated in 24 karat gold: exclusively using precious metals in this line to guarantee their lasting quality and value. Because of this technique, all of these pieces are all pool- and shower-safe. Cast-in-place semi-precious and precious stones will be incorporated in several designs as well. Some pieces will be available ready-made in standard sizes, but customization (of size, finish, inscription, and more) upon request is available. Every piece is made by hand at Verdia’s Phoenix, Arizona studio. Briggs’ process for creating Verdia’s pieces is a departure from her previous work. Utilizing the “lost wax” process of carving an image into wax, she imprints her designs into a plaster-like mold, then melts the wax to leave the mold ready for a casting process to achieve a beautiful, consistent design.

Regarding her goals for the line, Briggs says, "I created Verdia to bring a natural, feminine beauty to the days of women, to their lives. I want to be offering jewelry that is fresh and exciting, that is imbued with generational echoes that are timeless and comforting." 

In keeping with the line’s love of nature, Verdia strives to be as operationally eco-conscious as possible. All metals are recycled, as are all packaging and mailing materials, and office operations are carbon-offset.

Briggs founded her first jewelry venture, Lotus Stone Jewelry, in 2009, while earning her Masters of Music from the University of Arizona. Finding herself in the professional world, she quickly realized the need for high-quality jewelry with a minimalist aesthetic, at an affordable price. Her designs caught on, and the business slowly grew from a one-woman shop into a full-time operation employing multiple smiths and support staff. Kristen Briggs is ready and poised to take on the challenge of moving on to this new higher-end line. She lives in Phoenix with her husband and two young children, and can often be found befriending cacti on hikes

Verdia pieces are now available via Etsy, Amazon, and Kristen Briggs is available for interview opportunities upon request.

Look for her to open her first retail experience featuring permanent jewelry options later this year.


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